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Realtors: Why being licensed at Powerhouse Realty Group is a GREAT decision...

Our Company:

Established in 2017.

Powerhouse Realty Group was started because we BELIEVE that with access to excess information that consumers(buyers/sellers/renters) want more: Control. Options. Savings.

So, why is being licensed at Powerhouse Realty Group a great decision? There are many reasons! Powerhouse Realty Group was created for a growing and soon to be majority segment of our population. Baby Boomers are retiring and downsizing. The Generations that follow shop different, have different access, different expectations, different habits, different perceptions, and using technology in their everyday lives is like breathing.  This generation has grown up in a Consumer Centric/Consumer Direct technological informational Do-It-Yourself era and Powerhouse Realty Group is positioned to be one of the Brokerages of the future on a national platform.

Powerhouse Realty's approach is all-encompassing yet remarkably simple. We use (an) a-la-carte approach instead of a one-size-fits-all approach that hurts agent productivity. And we accomplish this by giving Buyers and Sellers four different options so we can meet them at their individual point of need. Our goal is to make the purchase of a home more rewarding and the selling of a house more economical. WE ARE THE NYC POWERHOUSE THAT's DISRUPTING THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY!


At Powerhouse Realty Group, we are CHANGE AGENTS! Our Brokerage is a Progressive and dynamic Manhattan-based brokerage firm that is designed for the Technologically Savvy Consumer that wants more: Control, Options, and Savings. Powerhouse employs technology that's cutting-edge and vastly superior to the aging platforms used by most of its competitors. SAY GOOD-BYE TO 'PROPERTY SHARK!'

Powerhouse Realty's expertise in technology leverages tools that empower our agents to gain strong competitive advantages in the marketplace:

  • Access to MLS in all Four boroughs
  • Local and International Listing Syndication
  • Ownership data on virtually any property in NYC
  • Access over 5.8 Million property listings and records in NY.
  • Cutting-Edge CRM/Marketing Campaigns *(beware of proprietary CRM's. Firms that offer proprietary CRM's own the data. You leave & the data stays behind! Not so at our firm - YOU own the data.)
  • Custom landing pages for lead conversions
  • Video emails & Video texting
  • Paperless document management
  • And much more!

In addition, you gain access to the Commercial side of our brokerage, 'The Blacksteel Team NYC' and up to 10,000 building owner contacts and investors to direct market any potential investment opportunites, whether new to market or off-market. There is no need to reinvent the wheel at Powerhouse Realty Group.

Our Founder:

Powerhouse Realty Group launched in 2017. The company was founded by Award Winning Broker, Chris Caballero. In the course of 22 years, Chris has personally closed 750 sale transactions and represented over 500 clients and received numerous awards. Backed by REAL sales experience and a passion for helping clients win deals, Chris is primed for mentoring new and seasoned agents on real estate success. Chris attended Columbia University and Southern Methodist University, however he attributes his success to solid training, focus and being in the trenches doing basics, really well.


Ready-Set-Go! At Powerhouse Realty Group, we coach, teach and train you in all facets of working with Sellers, Buyers, Renters and Investors. Our 90 Day Challenge is designed to prime you for success! The key question you need to ask yourself is, "Who is training you, and what have they done to qualify to train you?" Our training program is comprehensive and taught by our Founder/Mentor.


Our compensation plans are very strong. We have one of most dynamic COMP PLANS in New York City that allows our Agents to financially mature similarly to being in Corporate America. Powerhouse Realty Group has systems in place that allows our Agents the opportunity to peak based on their performance. In addition to that, the support, the technology, and training at Powerhouse Realty is as efficient, effective, and systemactic as the major brands, if not better.

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Our office locations have access to New York's vibrant start-up scene, venture capitalists, private equity and dozens of entrepreneurs, creating wonderful networking opportunities and business synergies. Interested in joining? Learn more at: https://powerhouserealty.nyc/careers/

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