Argo Real Estate

New to the NYC real estate business? Everyone was at one point in time. Growing from a newly-licensed agent to a market expert who conducts transactions can be a grueling process. Aligning yourself with a brokerage company that can teach, guide and mentor you early on in your career is imperative to producing real, lasting results in our business. This is exactly what it is that we do here at Argo, among other things.


If you are:

Entrepreneurial – you have an entrepreneurial mindset and way of thinking. You don’t let opportunities come to you, you go out and seek these very opportunities.

Intelligent – not just book smart, but sociable and street smart. You’re able to flawlessly interact with any type of client – from students to CEO’s, across all cultures. You know and understand social cues.

Aware – personally and socially aware of your actions. How you speak, how you dress, your attitude, and more, they all have an effect on how people view you as a professional.

Exuding integrity – the success you seek is done so without sacrificing integrity, ethics or your personal values.

For more than 70 years, Argo Residential has been an active owner/manager, third party property manager, developer and brokerage. With the average career of our brokers at 15 years, we’ve managed to create a lasting niche within the New York market.