Brennan Realty Services

I founded Brennan Realty Services, LLC in October 2009 for two reasons:

  • To sell and rent the residential development product being created by my real estate development company.
  • To provide real estate advice and services to the retail participants in the Brooklyn marketplace.

Creating and owning the brokerage that sells our own development product was necessary to protect the substantial investment I made in the real estate and to compliment and support the development brand that I had set out to establish in the marketplace. The opportunity to provide retail brokerage services was a by-product of the need to help clients that did not fit with our specific development offerings at any given time.

I am growing my real estate brokerage business at a pace and to a scale that simultaneously protects and enhances the established brand of superior quality advice and service with the help of a team of select real estate salespeople that are like-minded, capable and motivated.

As a BRENNAN real estate salesperson, you must not be afraid to rise above your competitors. You can do so if you deliver advice and service that is of the highest quality and value to your clients. I will fully support you in this endeavor if you commit to building your own book of business.

“What Brennan provides that no other firm can equal is the unbiased, expert information and advocacy needed to make smart decisions in a competitive market.” —Another satisfied Brennan client