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Why work at DSA Realty?

Watch our short video (on the right) and hear some of our agents speak why they work at DSA and the successes they have achieved:

About the Brokerage

DSA Realty agents are trained in both sales and rentals and have the opportunity to work as “hybrid agents”.

The training program for new agents begins with an intensive one-week course conducted by the managing brokers in a classroom setting and in the field. The focus of this course is rentals, but an introductory module covering residential sales is included.

New agents complete their first transactions in the context of a training team led by one of the managing brokers or an experienced team leader.

Subsequently, the Senior Sales Manager offers advanced training in all aspects of residential sales on an ongoing basis. The training sessions cover need-to-know aspects of the complex coop and condo market, as well as process, sales techniques and transaction management.

The firm fosters a culture of continuing education with the aim of producing a team of experts that delivers the highest level of customer service.


DSA Realty is one of the most sought-after brokerages for rental agents to work. We provide the MOST exclusive listings per agent per month in New York City. With an exclusive inventory of over 145 buildings, our exclusive agents receive multiple exclusives each and every month. No other brokerage can offer this incredible advantage! We offer very high splits with NO desk fees or transaction costs. Additionally, we offer splits of up to 80% for seasoned veterans.


DSA Realty has a full sales department led by the Senior Sales Manager, who provides direct support to the agents, including consultations with buyer and seller clients, as well as managing a lead generation program designed to get agents into the sales mix as soon as possible.

We also offer high sales splits (70%+) for experienced agents with NO desk fees. DSA provides a paid advertising and marketing budget for all exclusive sales listings.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please email us at careers@dsarealty.com!