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It’s All About Training! You’re Invited to a Complimentary 3 Day/9Hour “Boot Camp Training” Please Contact Us For The Dates & Time Of The Next Boot Camp Training - Start Training Before You Get Licensed! We’ll Cover Everything You Need To Know to Hit The Ground Running! THIS IS AN “OPEN HOUSE EVENT” JUST SHOW UP!

Whether you are already licensed or just starting, training is critical to any agent’s career. Without the proper training and support it is difficult to maximize your potential. This training is designed to put the foundation in for agents, show you how to build your Portfolio of Business, Get Exclusives and MUCH MORE.

Every 7 weeks Charles Doolan, President of Kian Realty hosts the 3 day, 9 hour Boot Camp Training With Vera Davidenko. The Boot Camp Training is also excellent for experienced agents as we share our professional advice on how to handle many scenarios.

Questions: Call 212-757-8268 or e-mail

*Want To Learn More* Come to Our One Hour Orientation Every Tuesday and Thursday at 3.45PM Sharp to learn more details about Commission Structure, Leads, Costs to Get Started & Our Weekly Training Program. No Appointment Necessary.

We Look Forward to Meeting you!

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