East Egg Realty


At East Egg Realty, it is our goal to transform the real estate industry and offer a remarkable experience to our clients. We realize the importance of a real estate expert and refuse to simply “talk the talk” — instead we decided to tackle major issues from the ground up. What does this mean? East Egg Realty understands the value of a strong sales force and we refuse to create yet another powerful “corporate team” with a weak “front-line”. Our dynamic and cohesive sales force is directly attributable to our strong recruiting standards, training, benefits, support team, dedication to technology and innovative agent tools and our professional work environment — with education, support and service at its core.

What differentiates us?

  • High Business Standards: True Professionals.
  • Industry Experts: Highly Educated, Continuous Training - The Best In The Industry.
  • Consumer Centric: Our Job Is To Meet The Goals Of Our Clients, With Customized Strategies.
  • Luxury Service: Seamless Service From Day One.
  • Consistency: Every Member Of Our Team Delivers At The Same High-Level.
  • Cross Market Experts: From Soho To Southampton, Our Agents Know The Market.

Our management team successfully combines a fresh, forward thinking perspective with best practices from other industries such as investment banking, luxury goods marketing, online advertising and staffing. Education is paramount and we expect our clients to have the same luxury experience while dealing with any member of our staff. We equip our team with rigorous training and education as well as present all staff members with mandatory career development programs.

Our acclaimed website and mobile platform offer a stellar online experience for users shopping for residential sales and rentals throughout Manhattan and Long Island. We provide an easy to use platform where a customer can view, save and share properties, or they can receive updates on favorite residences, buildings and more. Our mobile platform allows users to explore, view and share information on-the-go, including nearby properties and Open Houses. Our agent friendly platform will allow you the ability to easily manage your listings and work with your buyers.  

We recruit only the best, we embrace professional service, and we live and breathe Real Estate. We welcome you to experience the East Egg Difference.